Ceveron instruments from Technoclone are available as

  • fully automated coagulation analyzers
    The first fully automated instrument series where you can combine classic haemostasis diagnostics with Thrombin Generation, Factor XIII activity and ADAMTS13 activity
    Ceveron 100 series: 
    Ceveron c100: running clotting, chromogenic and turbidimetric assays
    Ceveron t100: running all assay types and TGA
    Ceveron s100 with quenching module able to perform automated FXIII activity and ADAMTS13 activity

  • semi automated coagulation analyzers
    We offer several semi automated analyzers Ceveron® one with one channel, Ceveron® four with four channels and Ceveron® ten with ten channels. Ceveron® four and ten are also available with an additional optical channel.

  • filtration units
    Ceveron® MFU 500 is a filtration unit.